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St. Tropez Self Tan Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse 6.7oz

A lightweight velvety mousse that allows you to achieve your most natural and darkest tan within four to eight hours, this streak-free formula is easy to apply with an even fade so you can look like you just came back from a two week beach vacation!

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Achieve your fastest, deepest, darkest most natural looking St. Tropez tan. This lightweight, velvety mousse blends easily for your darkest, most natural looking St. Tropez tan. Its deep guide color leaves a soft, smooth, flawless finsih on the skin that ensures an even, streak-free tan that lasts for days and fades evenly. With their new Quick Intelligent Tan Development System, it can be rinsed off after just four hours for an intense dark bronze or after eight hours, for your ultimate extra dark tan that will make you look like you've been on a two week beach vacation.

Suitable for all skin tone s and clinically proven to moisturize all day, this is their fastest, deepest and most natural looking tan yet.

Golden rules for the Perfect Sunless Tan:

  • Step 1: Exfoliate 24 hours prior to use. Moisturize dry areas including elbows, knees, ankles and feet, and any light hair.
  • Step 2: For best results, apply in an upward circular motion to the skin, ensuring all areas are covered and lightly glide excess tan over the hands and feet.
  • Step 3: Wait until touch dry before getting dressed.
  • Step 4: Before getting skin wet, allow for four hours for a flawless dark bronze or eight hours for your darkest, yet most natural looking tan.
  • Step 5: To prolong and maintain your tan, moisturize daily, exfoliate regularly and reapply as required.