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NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH. Having Trouble Accessing Your Account? CLICK HERE.
NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH. Having Trouble Accessing Your Account? CLICK HERE.

Frequently Ask Questions


Q. Why does my credit card keep “Declining”?
Most every time the discrepancy has to do with the “Billing” criteria the customer is entering into the billing fields. If you double-check the “Bill To Address” you entered is correct, you should see that something has been entered incorrectly. This has proven to be the problem over 98% of the time.
Please keep in mind that the “Bill To Address” is not necessarily the same as the Ship To Address. The Bill To Address is the address associated with the credit card being used for the purchase. It is the same address you referenced on the credit card application form at the time you opened up that credit card.

Q. Why does there appear to be multiple charges when I only placed one order?
If it looks like there is more than one of the same charges on your statement, but you only placed one order, you most likely have made multiple attempts that “Declined” due to incorrect billing field entries. This sends signals to your bank that potential fraud attempts were made. The bank then locks those amounts in every time to protect their customers.
All you have to do is contact the phone number on the back of your credit card and request the “Hold” on those attempts that declined to be released.
There is nothing that we can do to assist in this matter. You bank will not allow us access to call and make requests on behalf of your account.

Q. Why won’t my PayPal payment go through?
Frends Beauty does not accept PayPal Credit Card. Make sure you are using PayPal Standard.
If you are experiencing troubles getting your PayPal payment to go through, and you are using PayPal Standard, and not PayPal Credit Card, we recommend you contact PayPal direct to receive an explanation. We do not have access to anyone’s account details, and PayPal will not discuss any matters with another’s account with us unfortunately.




Q. I spent over $100.00. Why am I not qualifying for Free Shipping?
Not every order totaling $100.00 or more qualifies for Free Shipping. There are some restrictions for Free Shipping. Some restrictions include, but are not limited to flammable items, large dimension items, Etc. In order to learn more about our Free Shipping regulations, please click here.

Q. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
It all depends on the shipping service you selected! Frends Beauty processes orders within 1-2 business days.
Please visit our Shipping Page to get an accurate idea of when you can expect your package!

Q. Why is my tracking number reading as “invalid”?
Once we complete your order and print your airway bill, tracking numbers will continue appearing “invalid” until the couriers (FedEx, USPS) swing by, scan, and pick up the packages from us.
When you receive the message that your package has shipped, it’s simply indicating that the process has been completed, and all that’s left is the courier to scan and pick up your package from us.
We always recommend allowing until the next business day to try and track your package. 




Q. How do I get my 10% discount after I signed up? And/Or… How do I get my 10% discount once I create my account online?
Make sure that you are logged into your Frends Beauty account before you begin shopping. Once logged in, you will be receiving the discount automatically. There is no promo code or coupon necessary. You will know that you are logged in when you see the Retail Price slashed out in grey, and the Special Price below in pink.

Q. Why is my discount not showing up on my order? I don’t see the savings?
The dollar amount saved will not appear on the screen or on your invoice. The website will just show the discounted price charged per item selected.

Q. I added a Sale item to my order, but my regular 10% discount was not applied to it.
Frends Beauty does not combine any two discounts at the same time. The website will extend the greater discount being offered at that time.
Example: If you normally receive a 10% discount when shopping on our website, and the sale item you selected was being offered for 25% at that time, the website will extend to you the 25% discount at that time. The lower discount will be dismissed in the presence of a greater discount.

Q. Are the discount programs for in-store and online different?
Yes! We have two separate programs. If you are a member of our in-store Frends With Benefits program, you will need to apply separately here

To make it simple, you can email us at if you know you already have an account set up either in store or online. We can then internally verify if that is the case, and if so, we can bypass the whole approval process and make both platforms (online and in store) reflect the same customer discount status without you having to take any repeat steps again.




Q. I do not see any shipping options to Australia.
The reason you might not be seeing any shipping options is most likely because there is something flammable in your cart. The Australian Customs Department are currently not allowing anything flammable into Australia. 
If you remove the flammable items from your shopping cart, you should then have options appear between FedEx and USPS. 

Q. How do I pay online if I am an international customer?
Frends Beauty accepts US credit cards, and PayPal Standard. We do not accept PayPal Credit Card, or International credit cards. If you are an International customer that does not have a US credit card, the only option you will have is PayPal Credit Card.

Q. What countries does Frends Beauty ship to?
Currently, Frends Beauty ships to the USA, Austria, Australia*, Canada, China, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand*, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland.
*Does not accept flammable items.




Q. How do I purchase a product that is not listed online?
We do carry a much larger selection in our store than we do on our website. Reason being, some brands prefer their products to be sold in store, in person, by a qualified sales associate only. They prefer to not be sold online without the privilege of being directed and explained by a qualified associate to the best choice of that brands offering.
Our Customer Service team can add an item to a new online order! Please call and/or email us at (818) 643-3151 to have us add something to your online order.

Q. What is Frends bringing to the upcoming trade show?
This is very hard for us to answer until we are within a 2-3 week window of every show. Reason being is our selection varies from show to show. This is all based on the demographic we’ll be servicing. For updates, feel free to check out @frendsbeauty on Instagram 1 week before every show.