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Skin Illustrator Green Marble SeLr Concentrate

Makeup setting concentrate that is resistant to alcohol and water when dried. May also be mixed with powders for tanning effects.

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One of the best benefits of Green Marble SeLr is its multi-layering capability with a tough film forming quality. It is resistant to water and alcohol when dried, so it allows you to overlap makeup products for layering effects. Spray Green Marble SeLr to makeup, let dry, and then apply another layer of makeup. Repeat the process as often as necessary. You can even be using alcohol based makeups in while layering and not have to worry that you will disrupt what was previously done.

Many artists have used the layering technique for magnificent old age effects. Green Marble SeLr used in conjunction with Skin Illustrator will make the most durable makeup possible, and can be most advantageous in keeping your makeup application stable and waterproof for any moisture situations. You can add any powder or pigment to Green Marble SeLr to create light washes of color for durable waterproof wear. Great to use for fast tanning effects that is waterproof!

General Applications – Spray Green Marble SeLr directly on makeup and allow to dry. Avoid spraying in the eyes and mouth. Do not spray on open cuts or broken skin. Airbrushing Green Marble SeLr is possible but not recommended for beginners as the matting agents will cause clogging unless thoroughly cleaned out.

Green Marble SeLr is available in two forms - a spray which is used under and/or over makeup, and also in concentrate form which can be used to make an excellent old age stipple when combined with Attagel. Unlike traditional latex age stipple, which cannot be easily repaired when cracking or holes occur, Green Marble SeLr is easily repaired with a minimal amount of time and effort.