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ProAiir Solids Hybrid Water Resistant Tropical Makeup Palette

This highly pigmented hybrid water resistant palette includes a range of highly pigmented vibrant tropical colors, allowing you to create masterpieces on skin that set without the use of sealer.

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With ProAiir's specially formulated activator and makeup extender, this product is perfect for hot or humid days where you would otherwise have to worry about sweat interfering or smudging your makeup. Comes with 1oz of activator, can also be activated with 91+% alcohol for more transparent color. More activator sold on our site.

Create water resistant, smudge proof effects. Perfect for hot, sweaty or wet events

Tropical colors: Teal, Elec Blue, Violet, Pink, Yolk Yellow, Orange

This highly pigmented Hybrid formula is great for brush and sponge to create water resistant masterpieces.

Activated by ProLong to keep the rich pigment color. For more transparent effect use 91%+ Alcohol. Cracking & air bubbles may be present due to the absence of phthalates (soft plastic).

Each 6 color Palette includes a 1 ounce bottle of ProLong.

SOLIDS are Phthalate-Free (Contain no Plasticizers). Also Gluten Free, not tested on animals, and skin safe. This formula is similar to powdered mineral makeup. Contents are not flammable and non-combustible.

Do not use on sunburned skin or open wounds. ProAiir is manufactured and packaged in USA.

Singles contain 14 grams of pigment. Pallets contain 7 grams of each color = 42 grams of makeup total. Similar to powdered mineral makeup. Nothing flammable or combustible.

To remove: Remove with makeup remove, liquid and/or exfoliating soap, baby oil or isopropyl alcohol.

Directions: Apply to clean skin. Add ProAiir ProLong to achieve desired consistency and work into brush/sponge.