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Hands Down Unscented Sanitizer

All-natural, hand sanitizer spray that leaves your hands feeling clean and refreshed.

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What is it?
It's more than a sanitizer -- it refreshes too. It works as a substitute for hand cream with its moisturizing abilities. A great way to refresh a room and bathroom with a few light sprays. Great for the gym when wiping down equipment and it's travel friendly. We don't leave home without it!

What is in Hands Down Refreshers?
70% Isopropyl is the industry standard for disinfecting. Alcohols higher than this evaporate too quickly to kill germs properly. Regardless, alcohol is harsh on the skin and causes dryness which is why we added in 99% pure Aloe Vera gel, which we pull directly from the pulp on site. This counteracts the drying agents from the alcohol to leave your hands feeling fresh and hydrated. We also added vitamin A, C, and E to retain elasticity, boost collagen, and heal irritation. Finally our essential oils - lavender, lemongrass, and clove - are imported all from France. They were specifically selected for their high quality, aromatherapy benefits, and antibacterial qualities. This combination of four simple, natural ingredients creates a hand refresher that cleans and softens.

Comes in a 2oz, 4oz, 17oz refill pouch, and a pocket sized sprayer.