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Face Atelier Complexion Perfector 1oz

Complexion perfector is unlike a primer that begins the process of preparing the skin for makeup, this perfector finishes it. It embodies safe and inclusive beauty and it's suitable for all skin types and tones.

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The Complexion Perfector not only helps your makeup look better - it's potent skin care. With the
inclusion of 6 superstar active ingredients in the formula, the Perfector is an extremely effective
moisturizer. Regular use will help your skin look younger, hydrated, smooth and healthy because the
active levels of these key ingredients improve skin at a cellular level. Why? Because these
ingredients have been scientifically proven to do what is claimed they do IF the formula has the
optimal level of the ingredient. But an optimal percentage isn't necessarily high. A seemingly low
percentage of an active ingredient can deliver peak results. While higher amounts might have the
same effect, it may also result in skin irritation and inflammation. In this instance more isn't better
and accordingly, the placement of an active in the ingredient listing is irrelevant.

blurring effect that reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles
creates a surface makeup can grip
I hydrates
I soothes
I evens skin-tone
I anti-aging
I improves overall skin health