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Brian Kinney's Hurt Box Palette Violence

Hurt Boxes are the brainchild creations of Primetime Emmy Nominated SFX artist, Brian Kinney. His amazing body of work can be seen in blockbuster movies, such as “The Hunger Games – Mocking Jay” and popular TV shows such as NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles, Mad Men, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sons of Anarchy, and many more.

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Special makeup effects artists have a growing necessity to be able to create ultra high definition quality small prosthetic appliances quickly, whether in the makeup room, on set, or on location and without complicated molding and casting procedures. They also need the capability to make multiples of them at a time, and to be able to cast an appliance using a variety of different materials on hand. They also have the need to keep continuity in their makeup applications by reproducing the exact wound makeup scenario every day, or for a particular scene that requires multiple days at a time to shoot. Brian stepped up and filled these important needs with the creation of his Hurt Box system of platinum silicone “on-the-go” molds that can be used with nearly all the popular molding materials on the market today. The Hurt Box Violence Palette contains a variety of small wounds on a single silicone mold pad, and is medically correct to real life injuries. It contains the following 12 wound styles: 1 bullet hole, 3 different lengths of lacerations, 1 swollen eye, 1 cheek bump, 2 gouge injuries, 3 different widths of stab wounds, and 1 closed stitched injury. With this palette you can create a variety of scenarios that would call for these injuries, and be able to make as many as you need for an application. Once made, some can even be combined together to make larger or more complex looking injuries