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Brett Brow Duo-Shade Powder

Give your brows the most natural definition with Brett Brow's Duo-Shade Powder! Softly fills in sparse areas to instantly give the appearance of fuller looking brows without the intensity of a pencil. Choose from two shades to emulate the natural colors of your brows. May be used with a dry or damp brush for softer or more crisp results.

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Brett explains:
"I created these five duo-shade powders to give brows a natural, shadow of definition. Use the lighter shade behind existing hairs and deeper shade to fill in sparse areas and make the tail of the brow more vivid. Brett Brow Duo-Shade Powders can be used dry or applied with a damp brush for extra crispness."

Pale Blonde is for very fair complected women with light brow hairs. This unique shade works for gals that find the blonde shades in other lines are too dark. Silver foxes with very fair skin do great with this tone. Never too warm, never too ashy.

Medium Blonde is for fair to medium complected women with medium to dark brow hairs. This cool tone with a touch of gold is perfect for blondes (even some brunettes) that like a soft taupe that looks oh-so-natural. Never too warm, never too ashy.

Redhead duo is ideal for gals that find auburn shades in other lines are too brown/dark. Brett created this shade for his longtime client/friend, Reba.

Medium Brunette a soft, chocolate brown duo is perfect for medium to dark brunettes who want their brow fill-in to be a touch softer than what most lines consider a brunette shade. I've gotten feedback from women saying they sometimes use the lighter side for the day, and the deeper shade for evenings.

Dark Brunette was designed with two different skin tones in mind: fair gals with black brow hairs and women of color. Both love this duo because it's vivid enough for deeper skin tones, yet not a straight black tone.