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Brett Brow Duo-Shade Brow Pencil

Have all you need to design flawless, natural-looking brows with Brett Brow's Duo-Shade Brow Pencils! Dual ended with a lighter and deeper color on each pencil, give your brows dimension by switching up the shades to fill and define. Brush it through for a seamless, uniform look with the built-in brush cap. Sharpens with a cosmetic pencil sharpener to keep your product smooth and creamy.

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Brett explains:
"I created these five duo-shade pencils to give brows a natural, shadow of definition. Use the lighter shade behind existing hairs and deeper shade to fill in sparse areas and make the tail of the brow more vivid. The cap has a built-in brush so you can marry the two tones together for a crisper, more uniform brow."

Pale Blonde is for very fair complected women with light brow hairs. This unique shade works for gals that find the blonde shades in other lines are too dark. Silver foxes with very fair skin do great with this tone. Never too warm, never too ashy.

Medium Blonde is the most popular shade in my line. It's a unique, fleshy taupe. It's not too gray or too warm. This is perfect for medium skinned blondes or even brunettes that have light brows. The two shades appear very close in tone. I felt this duo worked best with a more subtle difference in shades.

I created this Redhead duo for my longtime client Reba. I found it difficult to find soft, flesh based red brow products for her. I would use reddish eye shadow or lip pencils out of desperation. My Redhead tones are now a cult hit with natural born and bottle redheads. Not too orange-y and not too brown. Promise.

Medium Brunette a soft, chocolate brown duo is perfect for medium to dark brunettes who want their brow fill-in to be a touch softer than what most lines consider a brunette shade. I've gotten feedback from women saying they sometimes use the lighter side for the day, and the deeper shade for evenings.

Dark Brunette is a deep espresso and a near black nestled into one fab duo pencil. I did this combo for women of color. I know a lot of deeper toned women use a straight black eyeliner for their ebony brows. The ideal deep shade has a touch of brown to keep it softer, more natural looking. It's also great on pale gals who favor bold, pin-up style brows.