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Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Gel Creme 16.7oz

Ultra fresh and anti-itching nourishing care Soothes and reduces feelings of discomfort

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Intensely moisturizes
Instantly comforts
Strengthens the skin for a long time
Immediate sensation of freshness

All BIODERMA products are formulated according to the ecobiology principles, which is at the heart of NAOS approach, to respect the skin's ecosystem and preserve its health in a lasting way.

Atoderm Intensive gel-cream is the first anti-itching care whose fresh and ultra-light texture* is quickly absorbed by the skin. Its formula meets the specific needs of dry skin with atopic tendency:

- The Enoxolone derivative immediately and durably soothes itching sensations and reduces the desire to scratch.

- The patented Skin Barrier Therapy™ complex optimizes the balance of the cutaneous ecosystem of very dry skin with atopic tendency

- Vitamin B3, a biomimetic moisturizing agent, strengthens the skin barrier. Atoderm Intensive gel-cream is part of NAOS' eco-biological approach by offering a care product with a unique texture, which is both highly effective and easy to apply, in keeping with the environment and the patient's lifestyle.

- The hydro-absorbent technology captures water from the environment to optimize skin hydration and strengthen its barrier function. Thus, it limits the feelings of itchiness.

BIODERMA is a brand built on ecobiology, which is at the heart of the NAOS approach to the skin's ecosystem and the preservation of its health. This approach allows us to reinforce the skin's natural mechanisms, teaching the skin to function better without over-treating it.