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Ardell Mega Volume Lashes 259

Go on! Steal the spotlight! It’s all about YOU now with the Ardell Mega Volume 259.

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Enjoy layer upon layer of rich, decadently elegant lash fibers. Extreme volume with the NEVERFLAT™ technology for maximum stunning impact. Extravagant, long, fluttery, flared lashes with bold curls. Definitely not for the demure!

Bold and Dramatic Falsies: Don’t hold back! Get endlessly dramatic lash looks with Ardell’s Mega Volume 259. Fearlessly extreme volume and full length give off an elegant and sensual vibe that completes any look. The perfect complement for your evening events and red carpet glam outfits.
Multi-dimensional Magic: Layers and layers of multi-dimensional goodness! Ardell’s NEVERFLAT™ technology makes sure your lashes stay fluffy and full at all times. No more dull and boring lashes that make you look weary and worn out. Why blend in when you can stand out of the crowd with sultry and smoldering glances!
Lightweight and Lifelike: Each Ardell Mega Volume 259 faux lash is packed with soft, luxurious, and cruelty-free lash fibers that taper finely to their tips. Mimics the appearance and feel of real lashes for the most natural looks ever. Elegant and sophisticated without weighing heavy on the eyelids so you can party all night!
Effortless Faux Lash Application: Be spotlight-ready in minutes! Just take your Ardell Mega Volume lashes, check their fit against your natural lashes, and trim as needed. Apply a thin layer of your favorite lash adhesive, wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky, then firmly secure to your natural lash line as close as possible. Voila! You’re done!