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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow® Gel

A pigmented brow gel that helps keep brows in place and give a fuller looking brow.

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What it is:

DIPBROW® Gel is a highly pigmented brow gel with a long-lasting, waterproof formula for creating fuller-looking, defined brows. Like DIPBROW® Pomade in a gel form, DIPBROW® Gel is a real brow filler that delivers full coverage with rich color payoff. The unique formula adheres to brow hairs, builds the appearance of fullness, and dries down to a seamless matte finish.

Features & Benefits / Why You’ll Love It:

* Features a waterproof, long-lasting formula (lasts more than 12 hours!)

* Color can be applied directly onto the brow hairs as well as the skin, then blended for a natural-looking finish that stays in place

* The unique formula adds volume to brows, creating the appearance of natural dimension and fullness

* Like DIPBROW® Pomade, the gel formula can also be applied to the brow by using a brow brush

* Easily applies and provides a flexible wear that holds brow hairs in place

* To add more definition or dimension to your existing brow look, apply a layer of DIPBROW® Gel on top as a finishing touch

* The pinecone-shaped brush allows for versatility in application and delivers maximum color payoff

* The small size of the brush makes it easy to achieve precise placement of product and exact detailing

* Cruelty-free, paraben-free, noncomedogenic, and dermatologist tested

* Available in 11 shades that match ABH’s DIPBROW® Pomade assortment—with a NEW Auburn shade made especially for DIPBROW® Gel. The gel formula’s Auburn shade contains less brown to work better with custom red and deeper burgundy hair colors. Use alone for a closer match to custom hair colors or use with DIPBROW® Pomade for a more natural and balanced shade.

How to Use It:

To fill brows with color, brush DIPBROW® Gel from the arch and extend toward the tail. Then, fill from the front of the brow toward the arch using the remaining product on the wand. Brush in the direction as hair’s natural growth.

For fuller coverage, brush the gel through the brows a second time to create hair-like strokes.

To fill in areas of sparseness, use the tip of the brush to apply the formula directly onto the skin, then blend the product through the brow.

Pro Tips:

* DIPBROW® Gel works great on brows that already have full hair. However, the formula also works well on brows that have everything from fine hair to full hair, smooth hair to thick, unruly hair, and can even fill areas of sparseness.

* To create an ombré effect, apply DIPBROW® Gel starting at the arch and moving toward the tail. Then, once there is less product on the brush, move to the front of the brow and brush the remaining product through the front, moving in the direction of hair’s natural growth.

* Create the look of full-feathered brows on any brow type by brushing the wide side of the spoolie through the brows in an upward motion. The full pigment will grab onto to existing hairs and add hair-like strokes on the skin, creating the effect of fuller hair.

* For white hair, grey hair or colored hair, select the DIPBROW® Gel shade that most closely matches the natural hair color.

* Use as a grooming tool to camouflage grey hairs in the hairline.

* Ideal for on-the-go application to quickly give brows the look of fullness.

* For clients with sparse brows, use the unique pinecone-shaped tip to fill in areas of sparseness with precision by applying the gel directly onto the skin. Then, blend the product throughout the brow.

Shade Names: Shade Descriptions:

Blonde For Blonde hair with warm/gold undertones

Taupe For Blonde hair with cool/ash undertones

Soft Brown For Light Brown hair with warm/cool undertones

Caramel For Red hair with a light undertone

Auburn For Red hair with a dark undertone

Chocolate For Medium Brown hair with warm/gold undertones

Medium Brown For Medium Brown hair with cool/ash undertones

Dark Brown For Dark Brown hair with a warm undertone

Ebony For Black hair with a warm undertone

Granite For Black hair with a cool undertone

Ash Brown For Grey hair with cool/ash undertones