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The Makeup Light Vivian's Set Bag

The perfect set bag! Created by acclaimed Makeup Artist Vivian Baker, she found a solution to fit all of your items in one bag!

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Your set bag. If it's big enough to carry everything, it's too heavy to lug around. If it's too small, you can't fit everything in. The battle for the perfect set bag is a painbut there is a solution.

Acclaimed makeup artist Vivian Baker, the muse of The Makeup Light, has the perfect set bag, and now you can own it, too!

This bag was designed with working artists in mind. The graphite bag has reflective features to make it easy to find no matter where you are—including a yellow strap on one side to make it easy to spot. Water resistant fabric protects your bag's contents from outside elements, but keeps it easy to clean on the inside in case of spills.

The inside is spacious, with a light interior to make it easy to find everything you need in four mesh compartments in the body of the bag. Organize everything you need on-set easily. Plus, this bag comes with a tissue holder that snaps onto either side for your convenience.

And did we mention it's made with weight reduction? Whether you strap this on your shoulder or around your waist, this expansive bag won't weigh you down.

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