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Mark Traynor Isometric Beauty Band

The Isometric Beauty Band is an ingenious elastic headband that’s both a beauty lift and a facial exerciser. It instantly lifts and smoothes the face while providing resistance to help strengthen facial muscles whether from daily wear or by following the isometric exercise instructions included.

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What it is:
The Isometric Beauty Band looks like an attractive velvet hair band while providing extreme tension to smooth facial contours and lift eyes and brows resulting in a more youthful look. When used along with a simple isometric exercise routine, it works to firm and strengthen facial muscles. As a beauty lift, it firms facial muscles, takes up the slack in facial contours, smooths out lines, widens the eyes, lifts the brow and in general gives a more youthful look to the face. The improvement is just a few seconds you look years younger 
Adjustable to all head sizes.

How to Use:
Beauty Lift: Adjust the band size using the eyelets. The band should not feel too tight or to loose. Wear the band only a few moments at a time at first until you get used to it. Wear it alone as a headband, or you can also wear it under a wig or scarf.

Facial Exercises: see instructions included for more details on specific exercise for eyes, lips, neck and more.