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Knesko Diamond Radiance Signature Facial Set

Treat yourself to the power of diamonds and activate your crown chakra with this face, neck, décolleté, eye and lip mask set!

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Enjoy a total spa-like experience in the comfort of your home with Knesko's deluxe Diamond Radiance Signature Facial Masking Set. Their convenient, single-treatment facial set includes face, neck, and décolleté masks, plus bonus eye and lip treatments. This bundle package lets you try out each of the Diamond Radiance products for much less than if you bought them each separately.

Knesko's Diamond Radiance Signature Facial Set uses diamond microparticles as a delivery system for all-natural and powerful ingredients that simultaneously stimulate the skin and the soul. The face, neck, and décolleté masks combine to give you a generous 2.5oz of rejuvenating serum that penetrates to the deepest layers of your skin to promote cell regeneration, hydration, and brightening for a more youthful, supple complexion. We recommend applying the extra serum to the rest of your body, massaging it into your arms, chest, and stomach, or even use it for a full-body treatment. All the while, the "King of Gems" works to stimulate your Crown Chakra, and open the radiance of your spirit. Everyone knows that beauty is much more than skin-deep, and the best accessory for a youthful look is a bright spirit.

The diamond face masks are meant to serve as a total self-care ritual. It begins by setting the right mood and creating a sanctuary space for you to indulge in your luxury-level skin care treatment. After you apply the masks to the entire face, neck and décolleté, allow the Reiki energy to flow as your body and body relax and rebalance.

Always biodegradable and cruelty-free, Knesko's diamond collagen mask sets are sustainable and honorable. Bring this single-treatment set with you on a work trip or vacation to enhance your glow and promote spirit-body alignment. Single treatment diamond facial mask sets also make excellent gifts for anyone in need of a little GemClinical lift. This true sampler box of the Diamond Radiance Collection helps you to revive and maintain your glow.