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Glamcor Cosmic Twins

Turn almost any space into a cosmetic or media studio with this portable dual stick-on LED light bar kit for beauty professionals, media professionals, content creators, or anyone who needs good lighting.

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Each 8” light bar uses a reusable adhesive strip that can be used over and over again. They stick for up to two hours on mirrors, windows, and other hard surfaces like a smooth stone, wood, and ceramic. When you’re done, just wipe off the adhesive strips with a little water and they’re recharged and ready to go for next time.

The included remote control allows you to independently select from a range of color temperatures and brightness settings, and you can store three of your favorite custom presets for quick setup. If you’re in a hurry, just tap the WARM, NEUTRAL, or COOL button for instant lighting.

Each light bar uses the same proprietary HD LED technology that makes GLAMCOR lighting kits a favorite of beauty and media professionals worldwide. They provide wide, even dispersal for the accuracy and clarity you need for cosmetic application and checking, and capturing streaming content. And since the built-in batteries provide hours of light between charges, you don’t need to be anywhere near an outlet or worry about bringing spare batteries.

COSMIC TWINS is ideal for busy professionals who travel as part of the job. It comes with our custom-designed hard-shell travel case that also holds the remote and power supply, and each light bar gets its own soft protective sleeve.

• 132 LEDs per light bar - 66 Cool LEDs & 66 Warm LEDs
• Super smooth color temperature and dimming transition
• Remote control for power, dimming, color temperature, presets, and memory
• Two (2) protective sleeves to preserve the adhesive backing between uses
• Rechargeable battery: 3.5-10* hour battery life

*3.5 hrs at FULL brightness and 10 hrs at MEDIUM brightness

The COSMIC TWINS kit includes the following:
(2) Two 8" LED light bars
(1) Remote Control
(2) Protective sleeves
(1) Hard shell carrying case
(1) Replaceable sticky tape
(2) Two magnetic head charging cables
(1) 5V 4A Power supply
(1) Instruction booklet