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Face Atelier Glass Skin Water Powder

FACE atelier’s new Glass Skin Water Powder is an innovative and unparalleled multi-tasker that delivers hydrated, smooth, blurred, luminous skin.

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What it is:

The cutting-edge formula melts into the skin and starts to work immediately – cooling, hydrating and mattifying while delivering a flawless finish. Weightless and colorless, it is suitable for all ages, skin tones and skin types. Glass Skin Water Powder performs brilliantly on mature and troubled skin as the hydrating effect ensures it won’t settle into wrinkles and imperfections. Moisture, heat and oil resistant, it is also vegan and cruelty-free.

Key Benefits:

  • Hydrating
  • Mattifying
  • Soft-focus optical blurring
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Vegan + cruelty-free
  • Moisture, heat + sebum resistant
  • Oil + fragrance free

How to Apply:

Shake a small amount of powder into the lid or onto a palette.

Apply with a brush that is dense or has a flat surface, like our Large Flat Powder Brush. Pat evenly onto and work into the skin. Use a smaller brush like our Angled Blending Brush or Eye Shader Brushes for spot application.

Face Atelier recommends testing it on the under-eye area - that skin is often a different texture, especially as it ages. Also, a mattifying effect under the eye may accentuate the fine lines that are often found there, regardless of your age.

To mattify foundation, add a small amount directly into it. Mix lightly with your foundation brush before applying. The mattifying effect is controlled by how much powder is added. Start with a little and guild as needed.

Glass Skin Water Powder can be applied before applying foundation. It may also be applied after makeup. The mattifying effect is noticeably increased when it is applied after makeup. Spot apply it through the day to mattify break-though oily areas without build-up. When applying after makeup, lightly pat it onto the skin so the finish isn’t disturbed.