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Chrom Toothpolish Natural White

Natural White is the perfect solution for the temporary covering of dental discoloration. New easy to apply and remove formula!

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1. Mix it up. Shake the bottle hard to mix the settled pigments. If pigments are still settled after shaking, stir with a toothpick. Using the integrated brush to mix or agitate will cause unwanted fraying of the bristles.

2. Dry teeth. Tuck cotton rolls between gums to keep mouth open. Wipe saliva off with cloth, tissue, or gauze. Teeth must be completely dry for Toothpolish to stick.

3. Paint Toothpolish. Apply in thin layers. To avoid streaking, paint 1-3 strokes per tooth. It is important to allow at least 10 seconds dry time between layers. Polish is dry when hardened. Not dry = soft/jelly.

Keep product clean. After polishing each tooth, wipe brush off on a disposable cloth or gauze before dipping it back into the bottle. Wiping brush, brush arm, and bottle edge with high-proof alcohol is also recommended. Do not leave brushes out too long since they will dry & harden.

4. Fix it. Use a toothpick to remove excess polish from gums and gaps. Polish is easier to manipulate when wet.

As with any technique, practice practice practice!

Enjoy any drink while smiling wild. Toothpolish will last while eating soft foods only. Take Toothpolish with you to reapply after some meals, just like you do with lipstick.

Chip it off. Use your clean fingernail to chip off the polish. Or cover your finger with a cloth, tissue, or gauze. It is easiest to remove Toothpolish when polish is completely dry. To remove excess flakes, brush & floss teeth.

FAQ: Toothpolish is intended for use as a cosmetic tooth coating. It is not permanent & does not alter the tooth in any way, only the color. It will not harm teeth or permanent dental work.

SAFETY: Keep out of eyes. Not recommended for use with braces, tooth sensitivities, or temporary dental work. If you have a reaction to Toothpolish, stop use & consult a dentist.