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Ben Nye Creme Personal Kit

Ben Nye Creme Personal Kits provide students, actors, and performers with all essential tools and products necessary to accomplish a handful of basic stage makeup applications.

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What is it
These kits come packed with creme foundation, a mini contour, blush, highlight, and lip palette, setting powder, eyebrow pencil, flat brush, powder puff, latex sponge, and stipple sponge.

The products in the Creme Personal Kits are designed to stand up to the high demand of theatrical and performance arts. This economic bundle is ideal for classroom environments, and anybody that wants a general introduction to products for stage productions. Shades are available in a range of fair, light, olive, and brown skin tones.

How to use
Utilize the sponge applicator to blend foundation across the face. Use the sponge or flat brush to apply creme blush to the apples of the cheeks. Blend the highlight shade across the peaks of the face and use the contour creme to provide definition to the eyes, cheekbones, and perimeter of the face.

Enhance the structure of the eyebrows with quick and soft flicks of the eyebrow pencil. Set the cremes by applying setting powder with the powder puff. Remove makeup with our Quick Cleanse Makeup Remover.

Tips and tricks
Ben Nye recommends using Final Seal setting spray at the very end of the makeup process to make your face last through any theatrical or stage production.

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