Frends Beauty Pro Discount Program

Want a Frend with benefits?


There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We created the Frends With Benefits program just for you. You’ve got what we’re looking for; we’ve got what you’re looking for…so why not get together?

Frends With Benefits is the official online and in store professional discount program for Frends Beauty, and you can save from 10%-40% off of retail prices. The program is open to beauty students, makeup artists, hair stylists, union members, estheticians, nail technicians and cosmetologists. We also have a special Frends With Benefits program available to beauty schools seeking a one-stop-shop. To learn more about how the Frends With Benefits for Schools program works, email us at

Getting a Frends With Benefits account is very easy. Follow the simple instructions on the page and be sure to send over your supporting documents! Upon receipt of those documents, your account will be activated within two business days and you will be saving a ton of money on all of your purchases henceforth!



*Frends With Benefits pricing cannot be retroactively applied to old orders*

Sign up today for the Frends Beauty Pro Discount Program and save!