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European Body Art H2O Seal

A water based sealer free of silicones and solvents that seals makeup as well as acting as a strong waterproofing and sweat proofing agent.

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H2O Seal is a water based sealer that is free of silicones or solvents. The sealer provides up to 48 hours of water and sweat protection when applied properly. It can be applied over a large variety of makeup media including alcohol based, silicone, cream and water based makeups. It can be used with an airbrush or spray pump. H2O Seal dries clear with a light to no gloss finish which can be further more adjusted and personalized by using setting powders. If higher gloss is desired additional coats of H2O Seal can be applied.

This solvent free water based formula seals makeup and acts as a powerful waterproofing agent, adding shine when used in multiple layers. The sealer flexes, stretches and moves along with a surface, working effectively over both skin and prosthetics. It can be used to prolong the lifespan of beauty makeup, body painting, special FX makeup, airbrush tattoos, face painting, and hair makeup.

Directions for Use

When using an airbrush or spray pump it is recommended to use H2O Seal 15-20 inches from the surface in a sweeping motion. H2O Seal contains a high quantity of solids and, therefore, in many cases, one to two passes of sine spray are sufficient. Use a light coat first and add more coats if necessary. Always wipe and clear the nozzle before and between each spray to avoid larger particles or droplets accumulated on the tip of the airbrush or spray pump from getting transferred onto the makeup. Always test H2O Seal over a small test area prior to main application.