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BGE Gelatin 16oz Lite Flesh

FX Gelatin that creates realistic special effect wounds on an actor's makeup, such as cuts, bullet wounds, scars and burns

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Gelatin resembles the look, movement and texture of real skin. With several shades to choose from, our Special FX Gelatin is preferred by professionals for its versatility and realistic appearance. Suitable for a variety of situations, this multi-purpose gel functions well as a quick solution for creating small prosthetic appliances. When there is not enough time to make molds and cast latex or silicone prosthetics, our Special FX Gelatin can provide the desired look in a fraction of the time. Easy to apply and easy to remove.

Our Special FX Gel is available in Clear, Light Flesh, Medium Flesh, Dark Flesh and Blood Red, allowing you to create a custom look that is as convincing as it is convenient.

Heat up in five intervals in a microwave safe recipient, at edge of carousel. This will prevent uneven temperature in gelatin. Usually 5 seconds is enough for a small amount of gelatin. A total of 15 seconds maximum.

Hot Water
Place gelatin in plastic bag and submerge in water at 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do not heat up gelatin excessively, doing so will render gelatin useless.

When working with gelatin, always make sure it is at a safe temperature.