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Ardell Soft Touch Lashes 150 Black

Stay on top of your ‘lashes but better’ game and get your hands on Ardell’s Soft Touch 150. Specially crafted to make your dream of getting a casual but vibrant look come true! These strip lashes are a perfect choice if you’re up for tweaking (a lil bit!) your everyday look but keeping that signature natural makeup charm in the office, at school, or where ever your feet takes you to every day!

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Velvety Fibers: You deserve these queens! Each strand is made with short but super-soft falsies that won’t get stiff so you can stay worry-free all day (or all night!). Laid out with very lightweight materials, very comfortable, and definitely not heavy on the eyes. Finish them off with a liner or mascara without feeling tacky! The perfect choice if you’re just beginning with your lash journey or if you’re looking for your next long-wear favorite!
Fluttery Lash Style: The fibers are carefully designed with a slightly crisscrossed pattern, shorter fibers placed in the inner corner, and longer fibers at the outer to create that wider-eye illusion. Ideal if you’re looking for a quick fix in making your eyes look peppier but not looking too dramatic. Leave them as is in the morning and simply swipe a smooth black liner at night for a more prominent pair of eyes!
Looks So Natural: Go for seamless and more real-looking falsies! Comes in a single layer of all-black fibers with flawlessly tapered tips that blend effortlessly with your natural hairs. The strands look more genuine making it easier for you to pull off a ‘lashes but better’ look for the day. Perfect for sultry hooded eyes that need a little bit of pumping up to emphasize they're natural shape.
Uncomplicated Glam: Get lashed in a snap! These strip lashes are made with Flex-Fit Technology, pre-curved, super flexible and shaped to contour fit your eyes. All the assurance you need for an easy and trouble-free lash time! Plus, the base provides the right thickness for the glue to work on and veers you away from constant checking of lashes while in a meeting or during that sweet evening date.