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Ardell Double Up Double Demi Wispies

Make way for the most popular and cult-favorite faux eyelashes! And the best part? We've taken two and stacked them together. Get whooping eye impact! Ardell's Double Up Demi Wispies is your go-to if you're craving a pretty voluminous look without a ton of length. Eye-catching but in an unfussy way. Just the right pair of lashes for themed photoshoots, social functions or masquerade parties! Make those eyelash goals happen with Ardell Wispies!

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Sexy, Stylish Wispies: Expertly fashioned with Ardell’s signature style Wispies. The fibers are placed in slightly crisscross patterns creating a flirtatious and dashing frenzy. Makes the lashes look more feathery - you sure will get lots of compliments! Plus, each strand has a permanent natural curl making them look and feel more genuine. Not stiff but definitely keeps the style in place without adding heaps of mascara!
Fuller and Bolder Look: No time for growth serum to make your lashes thicker? No biggie. Get twice the number of lash hairs in just one strip. Skip the stacking of lashes and wasting time figuring out how to make them bigger and louder. Each Double Up Demi Wispies strip is made with double the number of lashes compared with a regular one. Intense black fibers for more depth without making too much effort! The way to go for a trouble-free volumized look!
Classic, Flared Style: Meticulously designed with shorter fibers appearing in the inner corner and longer ones resting on the outer corners. The elongated strands are fanned out in the edges making your eyes brighter and look more open. You now have that perfect centerpiece for your beauty look! The right choice for semi-large eyes that still need that widening effect to make them more prominent.
Soft, Comfy Lash Band: Your luxurious Ardell lashes always come with great lash bands. The strips are tailored with exquisitely made bases so you can wear them for extended hours. Offers an adequate space for the lash glue to work on so it can hold your look throughout the night even if you shed happy tears or sweat oh-so. Made extra flexible to avoid snapping and retouching. Just the perfect mix of style and comfort for you, Queen!