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Ardell Accent Lashes 315 Black

Instant glam lashes for your everyday look! Enhance the beauty of your natural lashes with the Accent 315 Lashes, only from Ardell. Features medium volume lash clusters on slightly narrower Invisiband® lash bands. Flirtatious and vibrant! Accentuates the outer edges of your lash line with its flared silhouette. The perfect choice for your next pep rally or for a fun Friday morning office look! Get out there and get ‘em, GORGEOUS!

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Everyday Glam Falsies: Full enough to add drama yet light enough for regular, everyday wear. You’re in for a treat! Express your inner QUEEN with Ardell’s Accents 315 Black. Luscious, medium-volume lashes that give your lash line a boost of style and personality without completely taking over. A great choice for your next tropical island getaway look or for bringing in the sunshine at work!
Winged-Out Silhouette: Short yet sweet! The Accents 315 - Black lashes from Ardel features a fun, flirty flared lash silhouette on half-width lash bands. Specially made and shaped to accentuate the outer edges of your lash line. Meandering, mesmerizing glances made easy. Look and feel gorgeous with pretty lash looks that just hypnotize.
Smart Invisiband® Fit: Worried about your lashes looking fake? We got you! Ardell’s Accents 315 - Black features Invisiband® lash bands. Get an undetectable fit that stays on even in the most demanding situations. Gives you the comfort and reliability that you deserve! You can say goodbye to faux lash faux pas!
Effortlessly Beautiful: Getting gorgeous eye makeup looks shouldn’t be rocket science. The Ardell Accents 315 - Black makes it so easy for you to have the most beautiful lashes. No complicated procedures, special tools, and skills are needed. Simple and straightforward application. Spend less time primping your lashes into shape and more time enjoying life’s little pleasures!