Makeup Organizers

Frends Beauty carries a wide variety of makeup organizers, makeup brush holders, and makeup holders. We have something for everyone and every situation! Frends Beauty offers numerous products that range from set bags, to CosmoCube acrylic holders and display cases, to both small and large rolling cases. Frends Beauty also carries Lux Box and Stilazzi organizers to help you keep track of you makeup. We carry a vast selection makeup organizers and kits to fulfill your makeup artist and consumer needs!

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  1. Racheal Adetayo Artistry LippieBook Pro 3.0
  2. Kit + Hooks Brushbar
  3. Picnic Time Sports Chair
    Picnic Time Sports Chair
    As low as $125.00
  4. Stilazzi 2 Drawer Stack
  5. Esum Pro Makeup Kit Bag
    Out of Stock
  6. Tuscany Pro Makeup Artist Portable Chair - 2 Tables
    Out of Stock
    Tuscany Pro Makeup Artist Portable Chair - 2 Tables