244 Fluid

244 Fluid

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244 Fluid is a silicone based fluid used to remove prosthetics and makeup. Can also be used as an airbrush thinner.

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Great for removing many types of makeup, but the real secret is that this stuff will take off Pros-Aide Transfer appliance. Just work it under an edge and they'll help it peel right off. Also great for removing alcohol based tattoo inks, diluting silicone and silicone based foundations.

Shipping Tip: If purchasing this item during seasons where temperatures are 45 degrees (Fahrenheit) or below, please ship this using an expedited shipping service. We suggest FedEx 2-Day Air, or any of the FedEx Overnight options. This will help the 244 Fluid to "not" freeze over while staying overnight in a FedEx warehouse. If this item happens to freeze over due to cold weather conditions, it will "un-thaw" if left in warm temperature over a couple days. Recommended temperature to help un-thaw would be 80 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. You can always leave it in the way of direct sunlight to help speed up the process. Shipping during these cold weather conditions explained above is at risk of the purchaser.

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