Studio Services

We offer a very unique service to our professional artist clientele working on film and television projects, or in theater (school or theater house). Our Studio Services department was designed to quickly and efficiently process these high priority orders. To learn more about how our Studio Services department can be of help, email us at or call 818-769-3834 and ask for Matt or Paul.

If you have a studio services account open already and need to submit your order now, you can do it online using our Studio Services Order Form, or Download The Order Form.



“Frends has always been the most reliable cosmetic supplier I have ever worked with.  They get whatever I need, whether they carry it in the store or not, and they get it to me on time, every time.  When you deal with as many actors as we do, Frends makes the job easier because they give you one less thing to worry about.”

- John Elliott | Desperate Housewives: Dept. Head Makeup

“I love Frends because it’s a mom and pop shop that is run with professionalism and care.  They also have a wide array of products to perform any job.”

-Kenny Myers | Creator Skin Illustrator Products 


“Our show films in Hawaii, so communication with my suppliers is very important to ensure that I have what I need, when I need it.  Frends has always communicated with me efficiently and answered any questions I might have; so when my cosmetic orders arrive, they are exactly what I ordered.  The guys there really listen and are easy to deal with.”

-Steve La Porte | Lost: Dept. Head Makeup 


“The personal service is outstanding and the guys will go beyond the call of duty to make sure I am taken care of.”

-Ralis Kahn | Slipnot, Marylin Manson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers


"No matter what we ask, they can always find it. They are fast, efficient, and very nice. I can go on and on..."

-Maurine Burke | CSI Miami: Makeup Dept. 


"There are so many things in my days at work to think about and attend too. It's nice to just have a company that I can give my "wish list" to and not worry about it once I handed it off to them. I simply give Frends my list of what I need per episode, and they some how have it delivered to me by the time I need it. Even if they don't stock it, or never have even heard of it, I know they will have it to me on time. They don't send me something in place of what they didn't have or couldn't find. If they can't get it, they'll call me and let me know. I trust them every episode. And I don't know how, but they can find anything my actors ask for, no matter where it comes from. They are very trust worthy and reliable."

-Tracey Anderson | Sons of Anarchy: Dept. Head Makeup


"I shop with Frends because they are very resourceful and quick to get orders from West to East coast by the next day... and they get the order right too! All it takes is a simple phone call. We Love Yall!"

-Tarsha Marshall | Law & Order SVU: Hair Dept.


"I love Frends because they are the best! Couldn't be more efficient. Especially in panic situations. They'll come by multiple times a day if we need them. And they bring us goodies! Great family business.

-Amy Disaro | Body of Proof: Makeup Dept.


Loyalty & dependability. You can count on Frends for anything no matter what situation you are in. Frends is amazing. They seriously pull rabbits out of their you know whats. I love them.

-Jori Jenae-Murray | Entourage, Harry's Law: Dept. Head Makeup


Frends is the best! They always get me what I want. If for some reason they can't get me what I need by the time I need it, they always notify me with enough time to figure out an alternative. They are very reliable and resourceful.

-Sandra Orsolyak-Allen | Eastbound And Down: Dept. Head Makeup


Unsurpassed customer service!

-Kat Lippay | Fringe: Dept. Head Hair


I love their customer service! They make me feel special. They take their time to give me the personal customer service... Which is important when shopping for Makeup... as you need to talk about what will work for the look or effect you're trying to achieve. They are knowledgable about their products which is very helpful, especially in a time crunch.

-Geri Oppenheim | Parenthood: Dept. Head Makeup


Frends has the best customer service. I always receive my orders on time and correct. The have a very fast and efficient service that I rely on the help make my job less stressfull. That's why I use Frends Beauty Supply no matter what I'm working on.

-Kelley Mitchell | Glee: Dept. Head Makeup


I've been dealing with Frends "forever". They are a pleasure to work with. They are very personable, friendly, and professional. They always get me what I need, and they do it within the time I need it. They also get my orders right from the start, which is ahuge factor. Everything I need, I know that with one phone call to Frends, I will have it on time and exactly the way I expected to receive it. They're awesome!

-Nancy Morrison | Pretty Little Liars: Dept. Head Hair


Frends always gets the order right the first time around. They get me everything I need by within the time I need it. They never say "No, we can't get you that". They always get me everything I ask for on my list that I need for work. They are polite and very helpful.

-Sharon Rivera | Shameless: Dept. Head Hair


Frends has great customer service. The have so many products available at your finger tips to help accomplish any job. They are very efficient, knowledgeable, and helpful. They take care of everything I need and do it right the first time around. 

-Marianna Elias | House: Dept. Head Makeup


Frends ships packages out to us in Canada by the next day we place the order with them. That's great for us since sometimes we can't even get our sources out here locally to get us this stuff that fast! They came all the way out here in Winnipeg to meet us, which shows loyalty, and committment. We trust the name since it's been around since 1940. They'll even get me things they don't carry just to make it more convenient for me. They get me everything I need quickly, and the order is always correct. They also network me for things they don't deal with such as specialty artists/copanies that specialize certain applications such as "Tattoos".

-Brenda Magalas | Todd and the Book Of Pure Evil: Dept. Head Makeup

Past and Current Projects

Here is a small sample of some of the thousands of films and television shows that we have services since 1940.


  Film   Television
  The Grinch   Dancing with the Stars
  I Am Legend   Private Practice
  Zombie Land   Glee
  Hangover   CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  Hangover 2   CSI: Miami
  27 Dresses   CSI: New York
  3 Good Men   CSI: Los Angeles
  Meet the Parents   CSI: Las Vegas
  Meet the Fockers   NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigation Service
  Little Fockers   NCIS: Los Angeles
  The Day the Earth Stood Still   Conan
  Fast & the Furious   Lopez Tonight
  2 Fast 2 Furious   The Tonight Show
  Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift   Big Time Rush
  Fast & the Furious 4   Big Love
  The “A” Team   Criminal Minds
  Yes Man   Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
  The Green Lantern   Raising Hope
  Spiderman   Brothers & Sisters
  Spiderman 2   Stargate Universe
  Twilight   The Office
  New Moon   All My Children
  Eclipse   General Hospital
  Alice in Wonderland   Entourage
  Big Momma’s House   True Blood
  Big Momma’s House 2   Blue Blood
  Big Momma’s House 3   Law & Order
  Secretariat   Boardwalk Empire
  Avatar   Curb Your Enthusiasm
  Saw 6   Eastbound & Down
  Saw 7   Two & Half Men
  Grown Ups   The Jamey Foxx Show
  Funny People   Jimmy Kimmel Show
  Due Date   Sunny with a Chance
  Ghost Rider   Desperate Housewives
  Harold & Kumar: White Castle   Sweet Life of Zach & Cody
  Harold & Kumar: Guantanamo Bay   The Whole Truth
  Harold & Kumar 3   Chuck
  Lincoln Lawyer   Dexter
  Machete   Entreatment
  Piranha   Wizards of Waverly Place
  Step Up   Grey’s Anatomy
  Step Up 2   Sons of Anarchy
  Step Up 3   Southland
  The Social Network   The Mentalist
  The Tourist   Bones
  True Grit   Vampire Diaries
  Iron Legacy   Burn Notice
  Transformers 1   Army Wives
  Transformers 2   Hard Times of RJ Berger
  Transformers 3   Mad TV
  Battleship   Ugly Betty
  Battle Los Angeles   90210
  Bourlesque   According to Jim
  Charlie St. Cloud   Hawaii 5-0
  Pirates: Curse of the Black Pearl   How I Met Your Mother
  Pirates: Dead Man’s Chest   The Red & Meth Show
  Pirates: At Worlds End   Gossip Girl
  Pirates: On Stranger Tides   Friends
  X-Men: First Class   The Gates
  8 Mile   White Color
  Star Wars Clone Wars   Big Bang Theory
  Men in Black   Fox Sports News
  Men in Black II    And more...
  Men in Black III    
  Hannah Montana Movie    
  The Last Samurai    
  The Dukes of Hazard    
  Aliens vs. Predator    
  Little Miss Sunshine    
  Spy Kids 4    
  Are We There Yet    
  Due Date    
  How High    
  Sex & the City    
  Sex & the City 2    
  Bad Boys II    
  Starsky & Hutch    
  Nacho Libre    
  Planet of the Apes    
  And more...