Olaplex Salon Intro Kit

Olaplex Salon Intro Kit

Perfect for on location use, containing at least 140 applications this kit comes with the No.1 Bond Multiplier and the No.2 Bond Perfector.
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This kit contains:

No.1 Bond Multiplier

Before installing dosage disposer, shake lightly. Use caution with heat. If successfully using previous directions, please continue to do so.

Directions of use:

  1. Mix lightener or colour thoroughly first before adding and mixing Olaplex. Note: After having added No.1 Bond Multiplier, you may add more lightener powder or developer for desired consistency. 
  2. Lightener in Foils: Add 1/8oz (3.75ml) No.1 Bond Multiplier for 1-2oz (30-60g) of lightener powder. For anything less add 1/16oz (1.875ml) No.1 Bond Multiplier.
    Balayage/On-Scalp/Global: Add 1/16oz (1.875ml) for 1-2oz (30-60g) of lightener powder. For anything less add 1/32oz (1ml) No.1 Bond Multiplier.
    Colour: Add 1/16oz (1.875ml) for 2oz (60ml) or more of color (not including developer). For anything less add 1/32oz (1ml) No.1 Bond Multiplier. 
  3. Shampoo lightener or rinse colour from hair. Follow instructions on No.2 Bond Perfector.

No.2 Bond Perfector

Directions of Use: 

  1. After shampooing lightener or rinsing colour from hair, towel-dry.
  2. Apply a generous amount of No.2 Bond Perfector from roots to ends. Comb through thoroughly. Leave on for a minimum of 5-10 minutes.
  3. Rinse from hair, shampoo and condition.

For more information and additional uses, please visit http://help.olaplex.com

Olaplex is not a magic wand. You can push the envelope and process further and lift higher, but you cannot take dark and damaged hair and make it platinum blonde and healthy-looking in 90 minutes. We want everyone to be successful with Olaplex. Be cautious and use your professional common sense. Do not process hair with Olaplex that you would normally not process without Olaplex. Please read the directions of use and download the Olaplex App from the App Store or Google Play to see how other professionals use Olaplex.

Olaplex works on all hair types and is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes. Olaplex is against animal testing. 

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