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Ardell Natural Lashes 172

A lash fan favorite! Ardell Natural 172 lashes are made of short, intense black fibers perfect for those who want to go from natural to glam. Your go-to for day and night looks with a feathery but genuine-finish style. You’ll love how smoothly it blends into your real lashes! Fashioned with a rounded style and fused with Ardell’s signature Invisband®. So whether you're having a night out on the town or simply going to work, these babies can look great anywhere you go!

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Soft, Short Tapered Fibers: You’ll love the way these lashes look and feel! This pair is made with ultra-soft, fine tapered fibers that are specially designed to provide light volume. Totally weightless, easy on the eyes, and perfect when you want to finish them off with a fine eyeliner without feeling heavy. Plus, the strands are styled in a crisscross direction that adds extra style to your lids. The perfect choice for that short but sweet vibe for the day!
Feathery, Natural Volume: These lashes add a subtle dimension to your eyes without looking overly dramatic. Features feather-like strands that are easily layered for extra volume. Each lash is made with high-quality individual fibers. No lash clumps and no mess! Allows the fibers to blend in seamlessly with your own natural lashes. It's as if they grew together overnight. Be a minimalist or go for a glamorous cat eye, it’s up to you!
Wide, Rounded Lash Style: For a more youthful and playful look in just seconds! The strips are styled where elongated fibers are in the center and shorter ones are fixed on the inner and outer corners. Your best bet if you’re looking for the right lashes that emphasize the natural shape of your small eyes and give them a wide-eyed effect. A fun way to keep things lively when it comes to your makeup routine.
Undetectable Invisiband: Expertly made from 100% sterilized human hair. Each strand is hand-knotted on a clear and pliable lash band creating flexible and lightweight natural-looking results. The signature Invisband® from Ardell delivers a seamless transition from your lids to your lashes and is great especially if you’re going for a no-make-up make-up look. An uncluttered lash line No need to do a lot of covering up. Plus, it’s great for those with sensitive eyes!