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Ardell Mega Volume Lashes 257

Flared, feathery and fabulous! Spice up your lash look with Ardell’s Mega Volume 257 faux lashes.

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Features short lash fibers with extreme volume coupled with a flared silhouette that will make your eyes just pop. NEVERFLAT™ curl technology gives you a consistently multi-dimensional texture no matter how hard you party!

Short & Voluminous Falsies: Be bold and daring, up to your lash game with the Ardell Mega Volume 257! Bring endless drama to any outfit and attire with the Mega Volume 257’s extreme volume and short fiber length. Stay positively stunning whether you’re on a fun night out with friends or at an after-work event gunning for that promotion. We definitely got your back!
Flared-Out Wonderful: Getting all cat-eyed cute has never been this easy! The Ardell Mega Volume 257 features a flared lash profile that’s shorter in the inner corner and wings out to longer outer corners. Fun yet sophisticated, let your eyes do the talking and make every one fall under your spell!
Cruelty-Free Lash Fibers: Your Ardell Mega Volume 257 false strip lash are packed with vegan-friendly, cruelty-free lash fibers that taper finely to their tips. Luxuriously soft and alluring lash fibers with the natural look and feel of real hair. Blends seamlessly with your natural lashes and stays consistently at its peak volume with the NEVERFLAT™ lash technology. We’re sure the Mega Volume 257 is going to be a new favorite!
Easy, Flawless Lash Fit: No complicated lash application here! Putting the Mega Volume 257 is as easy and straightforward as it comes. Just take your 257’s and fit them onto your natural lash line, if they’re a bit too long, give them a quick trim. Get your favorite glue, apply a thin layer of it on the lash band and wait for it to become a little tacky. Once your lash glue is set, put your falsies onto your lash line and carefully press them into place. That’s it! Beautiful, vivid lash looks in a snap.