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Ardell Mega Volume Lashes 251

Deliciously doe-eyed! Sweet and thick just like honey, the Ardell Mega Volume 251 is just what you need for that luscious lash lift you’ve been craving for. Unapologetically maxed out in volume and length, the Mega Volume 251 opens up your eyes to a new smokin’ hot and smoldering look. Fitted with the NEVERFLAT™ technology, stays fluffy and full no matter the situation. Now, go out there and S-L-A-Y!

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All Out Voluminous Faux Lashes: Do you think you can handle this? Brace yourself for the big, bold, and beautiful Ardell Mega Volume 251. Definitely not for the meek with its heart-stopping extreme volume and length. Smokin’ hot glam lash looks to fire up any evening event...actually, wear it whenever and wherever want, you’re definitely THE BOSS with lashes this gorgeous. Be unstoppable!
Fascinating Falsies Shape and Texture: We bet you won’t ever want to go out without the Ardell Mega Volume 251 on you. You’ll be obsessed with its lifting wispy, feathery texture that’s so full yet natural. Featuring staggered lash lengths and a rounded lash profile that opens up your eyes in the most natural way.
Light as a Feather: Extreme volume and sensational texture don’t always have to mean heavy. Go wild and party your heart in comfort and style! Ardell’s Mega Volume 251 is packed with the most natural-looking, luxuriously soft synthetic fibers that taper seductively to fine tips that mimic the look and feel of natural hair. Guess what? They’re cruelty-free too! Glamorous without the guilt.
Fabulous in a Flash: Don’t have the time to drop by your favorite faux lash place? We got you! With the Ardell Mega Volume 251, all you need is your favorite lash adhesive (sold separately) and you’re good to go! No need to spend even more time and money just to get the perfect lash look, Ardell is your faux lash friend. Attractive and alluring lashes right here, right now!