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Ardell Magnetic FauxMink Lashes 817

Get sexy, seductive eyes with the Ardell Magnetic Lash, Faux Mink 817. Featuring medium volume enhanced with a bold, crisscross, long length fiber pattern. Effortless stick-on application with your favorite magnetic lash liner. Comfortably lightweight and easy on the eyes for all-day confidence!

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Easy Magnetic Falsies: Stop messing around! Beautiful, lush, sexy lashes in just 2 easy steps. Just line your eyelids with your favorite magnetic lash liner (Ardell of course!) then gently apply the Ardell Magnetic Faux Mink 817 That’s it! No glue or adhesives are needed! Spend less time primping and more time being a glam goddess!
Rounded Faux Lash Style: Light and right! Open up your eyes with a subtle shape styling that’s longer in the center and rounds out beautifully to the inner and outer corners. Positively expressive eyes that dance and sway with every flutter. Party on with lashes so alluring and sensual they just simply do all the talking!
Outstanding Texture: Packed with luxuriously soft, mink-like lash fibers that taper gently to the tips mimicking real natural hair. All are arranged in a layered crisscross pattern for a bolder, more naturally unfussy texture. Create a lasting lash look so unforgettable and charming!
Invisiband® Technology: The Ardell Magnetic Faux Mink 117 lashes have got your back. Now, you can work and play in total confidence with a secure and super comfortable lash fit all made possible by Ardell’s Invisiband®. Ready to wind down after a long day? Just gently pull off the 817s from your eyelids and place them on a clean container. Reusable too!