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In 2011 Mel Products released it’s first products to the film industry and quickly earned a place in the competitive market of FX Makeup. Mel Products is widely known for our MelPAXPAX Paint Makeup and Mel Bald Cap, we have become a staple in the Film, Television, Stage and Haunt communities.

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  1. MEL Pax Makeup Kit #4 Lt./Med. Flesh Tones
  2. MEL Pax Makeup Kit #3 Olive Tones
  3. MEL Pax Makeup Kit #10 Effects Kit
  4. MEL Pax Thinner 2oz
  5. Mel Gel 4oz
    Mel Gel 4oz
    As low as $55.00
  6. MEL S.O.S. Mold #16 Veins
  7. MEL S.O.S. Mold #1A Open Cuts
  8. MEL S.O.S. Mold #4 Skin Bumps
  9. MEL Pax Makeup Kit #1 Primary
  10. MEL S.O.S. Mold #10 Eyelids/Bags
  11. MEL S.O.S. Mold #7 Acne
  12. MEL Pax Makeup Kit #5 Med./Dk. Flesh Tones