How to use new dry shampoo mist for sweaty hair

Step 1: Shake Pret-a-powder Post Workout Dry Shampoo Mist
Step 2: Spray about 6 inches from head.
Step 3: Focus on hairline, roots, or wherever hair gets sweatiest.
Step 4: Work it in. For faster drying, blow-dry on a cool setting.

How to air-dry and enhance texture for long, fine hair

Step 1: Apply Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil to wet hair from mid-lengths to ends.
Step 2: Work a small amount of Don’t Blow It (Fine) from mid-lengths to ends for texture and bounce. Add more if needed.
Step 3: Twist and squeeze to enhance texture.
Step 4: Let air-dry.

How to get beachy waves and texture for thick hair

Step 1: Shake, shake, shake your Surf Infusion to blend the salt and oils.
Step 2: Mist all over damp hair, concentrating on where your hair is the driest.
Step 3: Twist, coil, and squeeze strands to enhance waves. Then, work into hair with hands to help oils fully absorb.
Step 4: Diffuse for a beachy finish with sheen. Pro tip: To make waves (really) pop, twist or rope-braid your hair and air-dry.
Step 5: Separate and fluff for airy texture.

How to get beachy waves and texture for fine hair

Step 1: Spray Surf Spray evenly all over damp hair.
Step 2: Twist strands to enhance texture.
Step 3: Gather twists and give them a squeeze to work in the product.
Step 4: Diffuse or air-dry for a windswept effect, twirling hair to make waves pop. Pro tip: for a smooth matte finish, blow-dry with a brush.
Step 5: Separate and fluff for airy texture. Tousle to finish.